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The Importance Of First Aid Training For Nursery Teachers

First Aid

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Child injuries are common in nurseries, and having teachers with first aid skills contributes to ensuring everyone’s safety.

The accidents might lead to minor injuries or even serious wounds or fractures. In such cases, the child will need initial assistance, which is why nursery teachers and staff need to have first aid knowledge on hand.

With the right procedures, performing first aid techniques can prevent more damage and preserve lives.

First Aid For Nursery School Teachers

Children, particularly the small ones, are the most vulnerable age group when it comes to accidental injuries. Most of these situations occur in school, which is why teachers play a crucial role in preventing and caring for those injuries.

An estimated 66,5000 injury cases among children ages 1 to 14 years occur every year from car injuries, drowning, falls, burns, and violence. That is equivalent to a rate of 1,445 per 100,000 Australian children yearly.

Growing children spend most of their day in nurseries and kindergartens, resulting in unintentional and physical injuries. This makes the school the best place to give first aid care to children, especially in the absence of parents or caregivers.

The performance of first aid offers a range of benefits; therefore, it is a must for teachers and school staff to get proper training so they can better contribute to preserving lives.

Without immediate medical intervention, a minor injury can become serious. Moreover, a severe injury who did not receive treatment on time can become fatal.

To ensure the safety of everyone, first aid in schools is encouraged in different states in Australia. It is vital to make everyone – students, teachers, parents, and even visitors – aware of the basic first aid methods they can apply following an emergency.

Importance Of First Aid Training In Nursery And Early Workers

Here are some significant reasons for nursery and early workers to invest in formal first aid training.

Promotes The Sense Of Safety

Nursery teachers and staff with good knowledge of first aid are likely to be more alert and active in any accident or injury.

First aid training promotes a sense of safety by making individuals capable of managing incidents and casualties. The more they are aware of the warning signs and preventative actions, the more they become conscious.

Quick Treatment

Some injuries do not require professional care and can be treated with first aid methods such as RICE treatment.

Prevents Deterioration

Although first aid is temporary care while waiting for advanced treatment, the techniques applied still play a great role in preventing the situation from worsening.

A trained first aider will apply the right methods to help the victim cope with illness or pain and keep the situation under control until professional help arrives.

Helps Preserve Life

Individuals who are equipped with first aid skills and knowledge can handle any emergency situation in an efficient manner. A trained first aider is more composed and confident in handling critical situations and knows the best possible ways to help the casualties.

Makes People Feel Secure

People who undergo first aid training are more likely to make themselves and others feel calm and secure during an emergency.

They are aware of the fact that they know the proper way to provide first aid intervention in case an accident happens. Moreover, trained individuals are also trusted by their students, friends, and colleague.

Get First Aid Training

Working with children, even on an occasional basis, requires knowledge of first aid and other lifesaving procedures. You need to know the steps to take in an emergency, whether it involves cuts, burns, falls, etc.

By taking a childcare course, you will not only fulfil the requirements for the role but also have peace of mind knowing you have the skills and knowledge to deal with a medical emergency.

What you learn in a five-hours course could save a child’s life.

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