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What Is AED Training?

AED Training

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In-depth AED training instils greater confidence in using these lifesaving devices in a sudden cardiac emergency.

AED And Sudden Cardiac Arrest

Getting the AED certification, in addition to CPR and first aid, puts anyone in a good position to provide necessary help when it is most needed. The most common medical emergency that requires defibrillation is sudden cardiac arrest.

About 22,000 to 33,000 Australians suffer from sudden cardiac arrest, making it one of the country’s biggest causes of death and disability.

Evidence suggests that immediate intervention using AEDs has significantly improved the outcomes following a cardiac arrest.

While we hope you will never need to use this device, we highly suggest learning its functions in case of a cardiac emergency.

What Does AED Stand for?

The acronym AED is an abbreviation for an automated external defibrillator, also known as Defibs.

An AED is a machine that automatically analyzes heart rhythm in people experiencing cardiac arrest. The device will deliver an electric shock to the heart to restore its normal function if the situation requires it.

The device is also portable, which can be transported and used for life-endangering arrhythmias from ventricular fibrillation.

A person trained in using AED allows them to provide proper defibrillation, which is a technique that uses electricity to stop arrhythmias.

Defibrillation essentially shocks the heart to hopefully restore a normal, effectual pattern.

AED Training Course

Taking a CPR and AED training course allows individuals to learn when and how to use an automated external defibrillator.

Participants may choose from various modes of learning, including an online zoom course, in-person training, and blended learning, which combines online theory learning and shortened hands-on skills assessment.

These options allow trainees to choose a suitable schedule and learning style that works the best for them.

The course will cover the basics of first aid, including:

  • Basic chain of survival
  • Scene and casualty assessment
  • Basic CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) techniques
  • Use of an automated external defibrillator
  • Discussion on health and safety issues
  • Hands-on practice of AED and CPR skills in training manikins.

The total duration of the training course is two (2) hours, and participants will be amazed at what they can learn in a single course.

CPR and AED training is available (and recommended) for individuals, schools and daycare, healthcare providers, businesses, and more. The training is not only for people who have constant and immediate access to a defibrillator machine.

It is recommended to industry professionals and the general public who wishes to learn lifesaving techniques in an easy-to-understand and affordable way.

A refresher course is necessary every year for those who previously attended CPR/AED training and wish to renew their certification.

Refresher courses help to relearn important CPR components and how to use an AED to save someone who is suffering from a cardiac arrest. Not using these skills regularly may cause them to fade, and doing a renewal course allows memory recall by keeping the minds sharp.

It is highly advisable to take this, particularly for professional medical practitioners who can earn continuing credits or CPD for the skills they have in their education.


The difference in life and death can be counted in seconds, especially in a sudden cardiac arrest. Nothing should be left to chance when on-the-spot knowledge may determine the result.

AED training, including CPR and first aid, will give the confidence needed to act quickly and effectively in a cardiac arrest. Bystanders will learn how to operate a defibrillator and perform effective resuscitation.

It is vital to update skills and knowledge of saving lives periodically, and you need to know where to take one. Fortunately, the answer is here.

First Aid Courses Tasmania offers CPR and AED training for beginners and those looking to refresh their certification.

Take the course and continue to be the hero that someone needs.

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