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Why Do You Need to Know First Aid

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Like CPR, First Aid is one valuable skill that is valuable for a person at any given time or place. Whether you are at work, out on a quick run, or enjoying lunch out in your favourite restaurant, emergencies can happen. After all, it is why they are called emergencies.

There are pretty compelling reasons for anyone to learn such a valuable skill. In this blog, we thought we’d put together some solid reasons to know First Aid.


  1. Prevents medical emergencies from deteriorating

Knowledge and understanding of basic first aid procedures help prevent medical situations from getting worse.

The best example of this would be attending a bleeding emergency. A road traffic victim could suffer from serious injury and be bleeding profusely. But with formal training, you would know how to control or stop the bleeding. You can also detect an airway blockage and clear any obstruction with first aid. All of these actions can prevent the medical situation from deteriorating any further.

  1. Reduce pain levels

In most cases, the victim is suffering from a lot of pain from an illness or injury. Your knowledge of first aid procedures allows you to remain calm. In that way, you can offer the victim the emotional support they need. These will eventually help in relieving pain.

  1. Higher chances of survival

The first few minutes following an accident are the most important. The first aid treatment the victim receives during this period significantly affects the outcome.

Regardless of the type of emergency, a prompt response is the most important element in a person’s survival. It applies to the most common first aid injuries and illnesses.

  1. Skills for life, CV, and career enhancement

Having a first aid qualification is a good addition to your CV. Nowadays, most businesses have risk assessments in place, and they require a certain ratio of qualified First Aiders in the workplace. It could significantly boost your chances of getting hired. You could also be the difference between life and death in workplace injuries.

  1. Use of first aid kit

A first aid course will tell you what to look for in a first aid kit. You will learn the essential items and how to maintain supplies and medications. Most importantly, you will learn how to use the contents of your first aid kit.

  1. It does more than save lives

Even if an illness or an injury is not life-threatening, it may still take some time for a person to recover. Providing immediate first aid treatment can potentially reduce a person’s recovery time and has many positive impacts.

Having the right training allows you to help other people in an emergency. You will also know which steps to take if you ever accidentally hurt yourself. First Aid training puts you in a much better position in providing help. Many people who have completed training have said that it brings positive changes. If an emergency occurs, they go to an auto-pilot mode where they quickly respond with their training and education.

Being confident in your actions allows you to become more effective and in control in a stressful situation.



Knowledge of first aid promotes a healthy, secure, and safer environment for you and your loved ones. Not only does the medical expertise provide help, but the confidence it instils is very helpful during emergencies. Being trained in giving first aid is proven useful to oneself and society.

Everyone must find the time to learn basic first aid. After completing the training, you will be able to offer the right medical response to specific situations. You will also be able to provide care for people in crisis while waiting for emergency services to arrive.

Anyone can become a confident First Aid provider. Becoming a certified first aider helps you save lives before the arrival of an ambulance and professional help. Remember, life is precious.

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