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How First Aid Protects The Employees?

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First aid safety at work is something that today’s workforce values more than almost other workplace initiatives.

Creating a safe and healthy environment promotes a high level of efficiency in providing effective care if an employee experiences an illness or injury at work. For this, a robust first aid strategy can significantly improve health and safety outcomes in workplace emergencies.

First Aid At Work

First aid is the immediate care given to a worker who suddenly gets sick or injured. The treatment involves basic procedures to ease the pain and stabiles the person’s condition until proper medical help is given.

Employers are the main ones responsible for ensuring that all employees are safe. The priority is to create a workplace where workers can thrive and be productive without risks to their health and safety.

Common workplace injuries in Australia that result in hospitalisations and death include slips and falls, poor manual handling, mental stress, and many more.

All employees across different industries are exposed to a range of risks every single day. But early first aid intervention to respond to workplace injuries will help keep workers safe on the job.

Basic First Aid Tips For The Workplace

Understand The Primary Goals Of First Aid

As mentioned, first aid is the help given to someone with an injury or illness until medical personnel can make it to the scene. With that in mind, there are three primary goals or the 3 Ps of first aid – preserve life, prevent further injury, and promote recovery.

In the event of a workplace emergency, the performance of first aid will keep the person safe and recover quickly without risk of complications.

Conduct Scene And Patient Assessment

Before approaching the scene and the victim, it is important to look around for possible risks and hazards in the surroundings. This is to ensure your own personal safety before you rush in to provide first aid.

Scene assessment is the first step in providing basic first aid. Once it is safe to approach the scene, check the casualty and look for the cause of injury. The more you know about the cause and the general health of the person, the more helpful you can be when a medical professional arrives.

If the situation requires further assistance, always call emergency services triple zero (000). Ensure that EMS are well informed through the phone, so the appropriate assistance is dispatched to the scene.

Do your best to provide first aid intervention and keep the person stable while help is on the way.

Remember The Good Samaritan Law

It is important to step up and help in any emergency that occurs in the workplace, at home, or anywhere.

The good news is that Australia practice the Good Samaritan Law, which provides legal protection to those who reasonably assist a person in injury, who are in danger, or those otherwise incapacitated.

The said law was created and imposed (not only in Australia but in many countries worldwide), so ‘good samaritans’ or those wanting to help in good faith do not have to worry about negative repercussions.

Get First Aid Training

Nothing is more important than ensuring that everyone in the workplace is safe. Providing the employees with the tools, supplies, and resources they need to treat injuries and prevent infection can help reduce the severity of injuries and risks.

Check out our group first aid training that covers topics on workplace health and safety. From doing the recovery position and treating minor injuries to more severe like cardiac arrest – we got you covered.

Visit our course page or get in touch with our team for more information.

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