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Group First Aid Training

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Whether your training is a requirement from your employer or you want a safer workplace, group first aid training surely presents many benefits. Everyone is part of a group, whether a workplace team, a community group, or a sports team. Whatever group you belong to, safety should be a priority for all.

First aid is one of the best skills to have to keep you and those around you safe. Below are six groups that need to get first aid training. In each item, we will explain how each group will benefit from this life-saving training.


  1. Parents

As parents, we have the unique opportunity to protect our children and keep them safe from illness and injuries. You can achieve this through the help of first aid training.

The first aid skills you learn will ensure that you know how to respond if your child begins choking, breaks a bone, suffers an anaphylactic seizure, or other emergencies. Formal training in life-saving assistance will give you the confidence to make a difference.

If you are part of a parent group or know other parents interested in getting trained, invite them to group training. It is an important and fun activity together for the sake of your children’s safety.

  1. Workplace Teams

A workplace, whether it is an office setting or construction site, presents a risk for its employees. Injuries or illnesses can happen anytime, which makes training much more necessary.

Group first aid training helps employees become more conscious of workplace safety, together as one. Eventually, it will lead to fewer accidents and injuries in the workplace. It will also minimize the risk to workers, which is a benefit for everyone, including employers.

  1. Teachers and School Staff

Teachers and other school personnel work to provide our children with the education and skills they need to grow and advance in life.

Having them trained in first aid will ensure that they can attend to different types of emergencies involving your child, whether it is a severe allergic reaction, a wound injury, asthma reaction, or any other unexpected event. Having the whole team trained will also bring confidence to the parents. They will have peace of mind knowing that they are leaving their children safely in the hands of trained professionals.

  1. Sports Teams

Hockey, soccer, basketball, football, and other close contact sports can lead to broken bones, sprains, breathing emergencies, and bleeding wounds. For this reason, all sports teams, professional or amateur, should always have a first aid kit ready and a trained staff member on standby.

If you are a sports team member, it helps to get everyone – coaches, players, assistants – trained. This is essential to be prepared and protect everyone involved.

  1. Healthcare Professionals

Nurses, doctors, and other professionals in the field can benefit from group First Aid and CPR training. If you are someone in the healthcare profession, you have a responsibility to pursue the best training available to be efficient in helping patients.

These life-saving skills are a crucial part of their job. After all, patients trust you to provide quality care and emergency help in any given situation.


Benefits of Group Booking

Here are some benefits of getting group or corporate booking:

  • Save costs – Group training is more cost-effective than booking individually. The savings will depend on the course and the size of the group.
  • Greater flexibility – You can choose a time and place that works for everyone.
  • More personal approach – Getting trained with people you know helps create a more relaxed environment. You will feel more comfortable taking part in the role-playing scenarios and other exercises.

Although the content is the same as individual courses, group training offers greater flexibility in spending more time on topics relevant to the group.


Group First Aid Training Made Easy

If you are an employer or a group leader looking for a fast, easy, and effective way to get your first aid certification for your group, you are on the right spot.

We got you covered for your Group First Aid Training. Our team of experts and first aid trainers will process from start to finish to make everyone’s experience smooth and simple.

Talk to us today.

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